Idenification of an Individual


Identification of an Individual;
Forensic Medicine http://www.forensic Aurthor ; Joseph I. Cohn M.D. Pathologist. General Information for Individuals.
Posted: Dec. 22 2007,15:43

This information was informative and possibly all of us have seen forms of this identification on movies and television. I watched a forensic medicine show that showed how one homeless person was identified. The body was almost mummified with no identification no teeth. No one around that could identify the body. The forensic physician took one of the mummified fingertips and injected it with saline. After the tip was inflated with saline he could roll a fingerprint and found the unidentified homeless persons’ name.
So many wonderful skills have been developed to help identify people. Another skill is the forensic facial reconstruction that can reconstruct a face from even broken skulls.
Many other identification methods have improved with computers. Now 2D and 3D reconstruction of the skull using computers can approximate the person found with a few facial bones and again the skull.
Forensic medicine is leaping forward to help humanity understand the past and find people who have been lost.



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