Verbal cues for evidence collection


The process of collecting data for evidence in regards to abuse must be a daunting task. We as Nurses are well trained in assessing physical clues but what about verbal cues. As I progress through each chapter of “Forensic Nursing” by Lynch I am reminded to constantly be alert to what the client is trying to tell you. This past week I had a client in my clinic for routine immunization, I performed a TB test and 48 hrs later when she returned she was angry, became upset with me because I pronounced her name wrong. I have seen this particular client on several occasions and she is usually happy and positive and actually seems timid at times, I was quite shocked by her outburst. Without going into particulars I found out later that day after discussing the situation with one of the Drs. that this particular individual had reported domestic violence to our social worker earlier that morning. I knew her behavior was out of the ordinary so it prompted me to investigate further. We can either choose to get angry with the client ourselves or look further into the change in behavior. I am glad I chose the right way.


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