Nursing Care For Inmates


Providing quality healthcare to patients is challenging, especially when those patients are inmates; housed in an environment completely unsuitable for healing. Nursing theorists have long taught the importance of having basic health needs met. Hygiene is one of the most significant interventions, as this begins with a person’s ability to fix oneself in a clean environment. The patients I have cared for are inmates in a jail. A facility that houses people in tight living quarters, limits the use of showers and restrooms, and generally is comprised of people with a history of poor hygiene practices. Secondary infections prevent primary wound healing; contagious diseases are rampant (especially for the immunocompromised). This is when it is important for the nursing staff to be diligent to encourage good habits, educate based on education level, and work with correctional staff for the potential of the facility to be reached. This is the kind of nursing that started to save lives in the beginning, and it is these concepts that all nurses must acknowledge from time to time. Nurses must have a strong foundation in the basics to make all interventions capable of working.



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