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Medication error:
I too agree that many different things go wrong when there is a medication error made. I totally agree that patients need to take some responsibility for them. I recently had a patient who wanted to change physicians because the physician did not know the name of the medication the patient was taking. The physician did not have the medical records from the hospital and did not know the exact drug that the patient was placed on during the hospital visit. The patient came into the office and the physician did not know the name of the BP medication, so the patient got all upset and wanted to change physicians, I tried to explain it was just a matter of getting the records from the hospital, the patient still upset. When I asked the patient what he took, he stated, “I don’t know the name of it” I found that odd. I know the names of the medications that I take, and feel that patients should know the name of every pill they take and what it is for. The patient had been on the medication for 3 weeks and took it daily, but did not know the name. Patients have more responsibility for their health care than the physician does. This was just too crazy for me to understand. So I say to all patients know your own health history and be responsible with it.

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March 4, 2008
While I am in strong agreement that inadequate systems are to blame for many of the errors made in medicine, I also believe that the culture of medicine is to blame. In order to protect themselves and their loved ones from such errors, patients must start taking some responsibility for their own health care. Nurses and doctors must welcome questions and provide adequate answers. I have taken care of that patient or family who was always questioning, always double and triple checking up on me and all of the other providers. I have also made errors, but not on that patient.



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