Forensic Nursing within Community and Public Health Nursing


In my attempt to understand forensic nursing and how it relates to public health after reading chapter 11 in Community and Public Health Nursing (by Stanhope) on epidemiology I am beginning to understand it’s relationship to each other. In regards to environmental hazard’s I can see the need for forensic nursing to lead investigations and inquiries to health related issues or deaths caused by the environment, a specialty in this field would definitely prepare the nurse for examination of the scene where the injury or death occurred and would be able to ask the appropriate questions on it’s relationship to the environment. Where I currently work, there has been numerous complaints from staff regarding the air quality in our new building; people have been complaining of a variety of respiratory symptoms; after reading chapter 11, I requested an air quality check and guess what; our ventilation system was not cycling properly. It is suppose to exchange 6-10 times an hour; ours was exchanging 2x per hour. Lets see if staff sees an improvement.


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