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This was a very interesting article. All though this is a convenience for the physicians we must always respect the rights of our patients. At our hospital we did have an RN that was terminated for looking up lab results on her ex-husband. This was not tolerated at our hospital. I support the decision that was made to terminate this individual. I would not want my information to be looked at by someone who had no reason to look at it. This is where we all need to be accountable for our actions. When you cross the line you should expect consequences. Everyone in healthcare has an obligation to respect patient’s rights. I will never cross the line to put a patient at risk by sharing information that is not mine to share. Thanks.

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March 5, 2008
Patient information can now be found on paper as well as in the computer. The computer has made it easier for doctors and medical personnel to access patient information. A doctor can pull up labs, x-rays, etc right from his office or home. Our physicians have PDA’s and can look up information at lunch. While this makes the information more accessible, it also makes it a target for liability issues. Nurses have been terminated for looking up labs on a co-worker. With the right code you can pull up about anything. Hospitals and medical offices have had to implement rules concerning discussing patients in emails, etc. Most hospitals now have policies regarding looking up information on the computer to where you can not even look up your own information. Computer information has made patient care quicker and easier, but we have to make sure it is not costing our patients their right to privacy.



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