The Importance of Teaching Children the Signs of Sexual Abuse


I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to teach or inform children of sexual abuse or encourage the child to report any signs that someone is attempting to potentially setting up the child. Typically most sexual abuse is done by someone that the family knows and is working on gaining the trust of the child. It is the parents or caregivers responsibility to inform the child and question the child, had anyone ever tried to touch your privates? Tried to get you to sit in their laps? Showed you their private parts?
It is so important that the child understand that he has done nothing wrong and he will not get hurt if he tells you. A child always wants to please his parents and will be hesitate to tell if he believes it is his fault. Sexual abuse of children is heard in the news daily; we have to do something to stop this. Teachers, daycare workers, church, family must start explaining to children it is okay to tell someone if any sexual abuse happens to them. Sometimes it is too late before the pediatrician can identify the signs of abuse objectively if the child does not go to doctor or there could already be an emotional impact if the child is older.
As a nurse, we must take time to gain the cooperation and understanding of the child, and relate to the age and development of the child. I believe that is the key to having a child open up if abuse is present.



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