Laughter as stress management; Laughter is not a crime


As a new nurse, the very first time that I was involved in a real “Code Blue” situation I was appalled at the disgusting jokes and remarks made by this team of professionals. There were no family members at the code to over hear the horrid jokes and remarks but it weighed heavy on me for several days. I did not know how such a team of professionals could be so crude a time of stress and heartache. Not mentioning any names, I discussed this with one of the Sisters at the hospital. She explained to me that sometimes humor is the way that some individuals deal with stress. That they were not as “cold hearted” as they appeared. Over the years and many Code Blue situations behind me, I find myself at times being that professional that I was so appalled at, in the beginning my career. When I stand back and view the situation to try to understand why I would say such a silly unprofessional remark, I realize that “if I didn’t laugh at that time, I would probably cry. This was no time to cry because the Code Blue Team was depending on me at this time of stress.



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