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We teach our students who are studying the combination of Forensic Nursing and Public Health Nursing about medical identity theft. We encourage them to share with their clients about preventing the theft of medical identity. This prevention can occur by locking sensitive medical information. The lock can be a physical lock within the place of residence, a safe deposit box, a password-protected computer, and/or a password-protected section on a computer. Prevention can also occur via medical identity theft monitoring. The monitoring can be done by one of many different companies that offer this service. The easiest way to obtain medical identity theft monitoring is to seek a company, which offers identity theft monitoring. Thus, medical identity theft monitoring will be a part of the identity theft monitoring service. The client should seek a company that also offers medical identity theft resolution and restoration. By letting the company handle the resolution and restoration, a client can save themselves much time and much money.

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February 27, 2008
I notice you deal with the subject Computer Forensic Science. What do you teach Forensic Nursing and Public Health Nursing students about preventing medical identity theft? This is regarding the public and clients that I communicate with during my Public Health Nursing duties.


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