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I agree too, that physicians and nurses contribute to the addiction process of some patients. Very often I’ve seen the physician order the patient what he/she is requesting just to make their jobs a little easier, and so that they don’t have to deal with the many complaints these patients may have. Drug seekers definitely know how to work the system and get what they want. If the patient is unhappy with one doctor because they didn’t get the drug they wanted, they will go “doctor shopping” until they find a doctor that will prescribe the drug of their choice. I have also known an individual that goes by several different names, such as married names and her maiden name to be able to go to several different doctors to get her narcotics.

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November 14, 2007
I cared for a patient the other day who is well known to our facility. She is an insulin dependant diabetic and extremely labile. Unfortunately, she is also a cocaine addict and abuses prescription pain medicines. The physician wanted her to be admitted to the psychiatric unit for detox. A crisis consult was made and a social worker came to evaluate her. The social worker was unable to evaluate her because she was so “snowed” on the medications we had given her she was unable to speak clearly or stay awake for the interview. The physician had prescribed dilaudid every two hours, vicodin every four hours, xanax every four hours and soma every eight hours. This was done because of the medication reconciliation form that we fill out on each patient on admission. It just seems as though nurses and physicians sometimes contribute to the abuse issues.


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