Public Health Nursing and Forensic Nursing, response


Yes, you can combine Public Health Nursing with Forensic Nursing.

You can take the Public Health Nursing program alone. One topic covered includes legal issues about abuse. Another topic includes abuse within the prison population.

You can take the Forensic Nursing program alone. An example of a topic in this program is Mann’s health and human rights triad. Another example is global health and human services.

The Public Health Nursing and Forensic Nursing program can be taken together. A detailed topic that could be covered is prevention programs for violence against women. Another is the promotion of safety, rules, regulations, and laws regarding elder abuse.

You will find links on the right side of the main page of this blog. These links will lead you to the online educational programs mentioned above.

Examples of employment that combines the two fields include working with a large police department emphasizing in prevention, working with Greenpeace International, and working as a consultant.

Original Post:
November 7, 2007
There was a discussion in October about combining Forensic Nursing with Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Can I combine Public Health Nursing with Forensic Nursing? Can I do this via education and employment?



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