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Yes, we can teach your 20 students graduate-level Health Assessment (Nursing Assessment) in January 2008. We can easily handle 100 or more students at the same time. Since our program is online and independent, the class size is not a limiting factor as it is with a brick and mortar school.

One of our online instructors can go on vacation and leave his/her assignments and exams available for the students. These assignments and exams can be set to “autopilot.” When the instructor returns, he/she can pick up where the student are versus picking up where the instructor left off.

Another option is for the instructor to find someone to fill in while he or she is on vacation. The temporary instructor does not necessarily need to leave her or his location.

There are other options besides the two listed above.

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Monday, December 17, 2007
This is an Urgent Request for Help!

We have a brick and mortar school. We modeled our Forensic Nursing Program similar to your program by having a Health Assessment component. Our main instructor for Health Assessment will be leaving the country due to death in her family. She is due to return in one or two months. This leaves 20 students without a Health Assessment instructor.

Can you teach our students their Health Assessment component? Is 20 students too many to handle in January of 2008? How do you manage to keep your teaching flowing efficiently?


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