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Automating Prescribing May 25 2007
I work in an ICU and daily use computer automatic prescribing. The prescription goes to the pharmacy and the medication is filled. If I missed an allergy to the medication the computer will quickly state that ‘the patient is allergic to this medication do not administer.’
The system is locked to one provider when that provider is in the order mode. If there are several providers it is important that the providers communicate and the nurses are aware of what has been given. A medication can be replicated especially an electrolyte replacement. If the nurse is not aware of which electrolyte has been given and another is ordered the patient may become dangerously overdosed. It is important that the ‘team’ is aware of who is ordering the medications and electrolytes.
One area that is possibly a good policy is to have a ‘wet signature’ on outpatient narcotic prescriptions. This helps fraudulent narcotic prescriptions.


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