Child Abuse


When I read Chapter 17 in the book “Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan” regarding child abuse, it stated that women were the more frequent abusers than men, I disagreed because of my experiences as a nurse. However as I read further it stated that men abuse more severely. As a case manager for medically fragile children I saw many infants and children with physical defects from child abuse. All of the cases that I had, the abuser was the mother’s boyfriend. Shaken babies that were permanently vegetative, a scalded toddler for soiling his pants, and a toddler that had been punched in the abdomen for crying. These are just to name a few. Many of these infants and toddlers did not live long after the abuse. As a hospital supervisor, helping in the Emergency Room during traumas I saw many more very young children that were victims of child abuse that were mostly victims of the mother’s boyfriend’s temper. I had come to the conclusion that most child abusers were the boyfriends of the mothers until I read this chapter. I realize that the mother’s abuse is probably more subtle, leaving scars that cannot be seen physically.



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  1. yonex badminton Says:

    I agree with you.

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