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Forensic Nursing Female Genital mutilation? Female Circumcision posted Sunday, March 11 2007
I visited a Maasi tribe in Kenya. We spoke to the women about their female circumcision. They could not believe we were not circumcised. They called us “little girls” Without this procedure a girl cannot become a woman in their eyes. The circumcision is usually done with a razor blade some of the time not a new razor. No anesthesia is used and women in the family hold the girl down. Usually the incision usually will be “pinned together by acacia bush thorns. Myrrh is placed on the incision and the girl’s legs are tied together for two weeks. Infection and tetanus sometimes occurs. A problem with periods and urination occurs it often takes several minutes to urinate if the whole is very small. Painful sexual relations also are a problem. If it is a problem to have sex women will increase the whole with a knife.

With childbirth the skin needs to be cut open then restored together. Scar tissue becomes a problem when the woman has many children. Depending upon the repair a vaginal inspection is almost impossible. These women usually do not come in for a vaginal inspection.

The practitioner needs to be accepting of this culture because it is important to the woman and her family.


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