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Click on the link to right of the main page of this blog. The title of the link is “Online Forensic Anthropology/Police Science Course at Canyon College.” You will see the class which police officers take to learn age progression imaging. The class is suitable for officers learning (for the first time) about police drawings on the computer. It is also suitable for those gaining experience after vendor instructions. And it is suitable for officers wanting advanced computer age progression techniques. Students eligible to take Forensic Anthropology include police officers, nurses, forensic nurses, anthropologists, physicians, and others. This online class allows each student to learn at his or her own pace.

Law enforcement agencies can establish an account for rapid composite drawing, police sketch, and facial reconstruction services. The final product, which is an police composite is sent to the agency via the Internet. Secure transmission is available. This frees the time of law enforcement officers and frees the resources of agencies.

For more information, you may also click on the link “Email Me With Topic Suggestions.” This is also found on the right side of the main blog page.

Our police department needs help with making age progression pictures and photos on a computer. We recently purchased facial reconstruction software. The vendor gave us training. However, we need more time to learn to use the software. Our police officers cannot all learn at the same time.

The police department in the city next to ours wants to purchase the same software in January. The department wants to start training their officers in January 2008 to make police sketches and police drawings on the computer. They can use your help also because they handle a lot of cases of missing children.


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