Comment: Nursing Shortage, med errors


For as long as I can remember, there has always been a nursing shortage. I’ve taken many 5-minute breaks at the nurse’s station. Remembering the 5 patients rights when dispensing meds is one way to lessen the potential for med errors.

Original Post August 29, 2007:
The nursing shortage has impacted many areas of nursing. Burnout and lower retention rates are increased. A major area of impact is that of medication errors. Due to the increased workload for nurses because of the shortage, nurses make more medication errors. A recent study reported that at least half of nurses don’t get their scheduled breaks and lunch. The medication errors for these nurses were significantly higher than those nurses who took breaks during their shift. The longer the nurse works the more likely she is to make med errors. With the shortage, nurses also work extra shifts. This all leads to more medication errors.



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