Organ and Tissue Procurement


The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA), now utilize data bases of individuals who have expressed a desire to donate organs and tissue in the event of their death.

The primary means of acquiring the information needed for the data base is through the state Motor Vehicle Department. Each citizen acquiring new licensure or renewing licensure are asked if they would like to be included in the program.

All deaths occurring in the state must be reported to LOPA for screening. With the use of this database, early recognition of donors may be accomplished. This allows for rapid blood typing which is needed to match donors with recipients as organ and tissue rejection would occur otherwise. Transplant rejection occurs when the immune system of the recipient of a transplant attacks the transplanted organ or tissue.

Donor medical history is also closely scrutinized as auto immune disorders, history of cancer, HIV, hepatitis and other disease processes prevent participation as a donor.

To ensure that a potential donor meet the criteria for the harvesting of organs, a representative of LOPA reviews the database, lab studies, and approaches any family members that may be needed to consent.



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