Different Sources of DNA


There are many different sources of DNA an investigator may collect DNA from. Saliva is the last of the body secretions that DNA can be extracted from, as well as tears, sweat, urine, fecal matter, and vomit. Saliva is not usually collected directly. The investigator will collect things that have been in the suspect’s mouth, such as chewing gum, straws, cigarette butt, lipstick, eating utensils, stamps, and envelops. Hair is one of the most common items used to get DNA. The investigator needs the root to analyze. If there is a rape case, they will need to get a pubic hair if possible. If human remains are found without flesh, the bone marrow is the best choice to take a sample from. If the body still has tissue, then the liver or spleen are the best choices. Teeth are also very good to use, as the teeth are the most resilient part of the body.


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