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Congratulations for your graduation from nursing school. I am sorry you did not pass the NCLEX. Yes, you can still study Forensic Nursing. You can also still obtain employment within Forensic Informatics.

There is a link on the right in the main page of this blog. It is called Online Forensic Nursing Introduction Course at Canyon College and is under the subheading Forensic Nursing Resources. This class does not require passing of the NCLEX. The College has this 2-month class and a 14-month certificate program. The 14-month program has greater requirements. There are some employment positions available for students who have completed the 2-month course. Part of the curriculum of the class and program is devoted to employment opportunities.

Also under the subheading Forensic Nursing Resources is a link called Online Instructor-Led NCLEX-RN(r) Review Course. This course provides preparation for passing the NCLEX.


Posted Thursday, October 04, 2007
Employment Opportunities
I recently graduated from nursing school and took the NCLEX. I did
not pass the NCLEX. Can I study and work in Forensic Nursing?


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