Back pain in the emergency room


The health assessment for back pain in the Emergency Room (ER) is an interesting assessment. The assessment usually begins as a visual watching the patient walk into the examination room after observing them get walking in form the parking lot not knowing that the practitioner is watching them. The chronic back pain caused from some sort of an on the job injury (OJI) usually does not pass the test of true and unrelenting pain. The client walks normally from the car but then starts stooping or limping or other symptoms just to make the “pain” look good. On the other hand, the acute injury or true pain is very obvious just by the outward visual exam. The physical exam on the person seeking continued pain medications or work disability shows that almost any suggestion of something hurting produces pain whether it should or not. The conclusion that we are coming to is that OJI for back pain lasts much longer without resolution then it should.


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