Investigative Nature of the Job


Nursing Pharmacology and Forensic Nursing are similar in that both must do investigative work.

During the premedication assessments and the evaluations, nurses must delve deeply into the patient’s background and history to obtain information relevant to the symptoms the patient is presenting with. Nurses must be very aware of non-verbal indictors that will aid in making the correct diagnosis. Nurses must also be aware that patients don’t always offer accurate/truthful information and need to err on the side of caution when factors such as street drug use or excessive alcohol intake could greatly increase the risk factors of some drugs.

Forensic Nursing does intensive investigating of crimes such as rape and abuse that will result in legal ramifications. Forensic nurses use their healthcare background and advanced training in forensics to help solve crimes and to assist the victims of these crimes.

Both nursing professions need to develop superior people skills and learn how to foster trust in the patients/victims that they deal with.


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