I often wonder if Anthrax has not already been released. In small amounts does it cause less severe symptoms. If you know you have been exposed, what antibiotic treats it? What is actually in the vaccine, if the vaccine is not intended for humans? How much would have to be released and how is it released? What does it look like?

A full head to toe nursing assessment would have to be done. Anthrax seems to mimic so many different diseases. The focus would be on skin, GI, and Respiratory systems. It would be difficult to figure out if you did not know that there was a definite Anthrax exposure. The forensic nurse would have to have a calm and respectful approach to the victim and the family. But, in order to figure out the puzzle the forensic nurse would have to ask the questions. One would not want to induce panic either, from the family or the media.


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