The Amish Country Killing, comment


Wow, what a story. I do not agree with that sentence at all. Just because you are Amish does not mean you are above the law. The Amish believe in no violence so this Amish man must have extremely mentally unstable and probably should have never been let out. Then to have no regard for doing it in front of your children, he obviously has no regard or respect for human life.

The forensic nursing assessment would be to put the pieces together of what occurred. To keep your own judgments at bay. You must be aware of the culture. The children would be the living victims. They would need continued follow up after witnessing such a traumatic event. The approach to these children would need to be extremely gentle. A full psychological and mental evaluation would need to be done. The follow up would be long term for them. Forensic nurses would have to build a rapport with the children and have a lot of patience with them in order to do the assessments. Their emotional and mental health would be at stake. The children would probably be reliving this every day for the rest of their lives. One would have to decide at what point do you stop and try to move past it.

When this guy is released from prison, probably mandatory follow up should for him. He should not be let out without him checking in with a mental health facility on a regular basis for continued psychological and mental assessment.


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