Infancy and Stressors


Infancy is perhaps the most vulnerable phase in the human cycle. Not only is it associated with the most rapidly developing time, but it is also associated with the most helpless period of development. The infant is at the mercy of another human for its feeding and basic comfort elements. At some stages the infant cannot even turn over in its bed to protect itself. At least a toddler can run away. The family stressors that can occur in the infant’s family can impact all future elements of its life. For example, if an infant’s parents are divorcing, the baby may not get held or cuddled enough. This will influence future feelings and emotions associated with being close to another individual.
The infant does not understand harm. It will unknowingly pull off a hot cup of coffee or touch a stove just in its basic curiosity phase of understanding the world. An infant does not understand that it’s crying to communicate needs is a big stressor for the care giver. A young mother may become stressed from the crying and sleep deprivation she is experiencing and batter the baby.
The infant is in no position to advocate for itself. The nurse must assume this role. The goal would be to maintain health and future well being of the child. The infancy period produces many stressors for the family unit.


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