Comment: Female Genital Mutilation/Female Circumcision posted Sunday, March 11, 2007


I read the posting by one of the students in the Forensic Nursing class about Female Genital Mutilation/ Female Circumcision. I did do a little research since reading your comments. I may not agree with this practice and can’t even begin to understand the cultures that continue this. I believe that it would be hard to educate a woman about this if she truly believes that it is proper based on her cultural belief. I am a Labor & Delivery nurse and had done minimal research on this practice. I have had the experience of taking care of a woman who had undergone this procedure. This particular patient had a typical first stage of labor; however the circumcision complicated the delivery. The physician had to cut a rather extensive episiotomy to facilitate the delivery of the baby. The repair after delivery was rather complicated for the physician as well. Trying to figure out what went where was a challenge. My role as the nurse was on patient education after delivery for this young mother. My assessment skills needed to be sharp and I needed to be extra careful with her. I needed to be assessing for hemorrhaging, infection, and urinary complications. I needed to stress to her the importance of proper hygiene so that the perineum would heal and be free of infection. As much as I would have loved to have had the conversation about the circumcision procedure itself, I needed to remain culturally sensitive to her background.

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