Medication Errors, Comment


In my hospital we do have an electronic system that goes through the pharmacy and is checked. I, however do not think that our electronic charting on the med page is very good. Nursing can change times on meds if the med is late. Which is not always a good thing. I don’t think we should be able to do this at all! Also don’t assume that because the order went through pharmacy makes it always correct. In our neonatal unit we had a drug withdrawal baby that was receiving morphine for the withdrawal. He was down to such a small dose that pharmacy was drawing it up and diluting it for us to give. Usually the infant would take it pretty well orally. This one particular time he would not -pharmacy had diluted it with rubbing alcohol – which was caught by the nurse from noticing the infant’s reaction to it. Plus I think some of the old systems still work too. A red wrist band for drug allergies. Whatever happened to talking with the patient to tell them what you are giving them? Instead of just saying here take this. Communication is a big key especially with the patient. I think many younger nurses need to work on this to decrease those med errors.


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