Rape Victim Examination


Forensic Nursing and Assessment of Female Genitalia and Reproductive System

Forensic Nursing when doing a rape case will be using all of her assessment skills during an extensive yet gentle pelvic exam.

Having a calming yet professional attitude would be a must for these nurses when performing this exam. The attention to detail must be such to be able to collect all the data and incorporate it in such a way to help the victim build her case.

Along with this embarrassing exam during a very traumatic time in this person’s life, time must to taken to provide for the client’s emotional needs as well.

Again, forensic nursing, utilizes a nurse’s assessment skills in such a way as not only to retrieve necessary data but also help to piece together a crime scene in such a way that it can hold up in court if necessary and hopefully get a person off the street that could be capable of committing such a terrible crime.


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