Forensic Nursing and Assessments


Reading through the article on Forensic Nursing, I got the thinking about all the assessment skills we are trying to perfect in class, and how they might relate to forensic nurse assessments.

I am sure there would be a thorough physical assessment done in the ED with testing for STDs and even a mental health assessment at the time. There would of course be a thorough skin assessment as part of the physical assessment to check for lacerations, bruises, hematomas, maybe even bites and burns. What I do not know is what happens to the person after the ED visits. Are they referred to counseling? Are there follow up assessments for STDs not evident initially? Would there be a follow up mental health assessment done weeks or even months later. I would think the likelihood for PTSD would be something to be considered at a later date.

What happens to the victims after the trial if there is one? Do they need to pursue these follow up assessments on their own? I would think that many would not if this is the case because of having to relive the experience again. Hopefully, someone would follow up with a phone call or scheduled visit or both some time after the incident to encourage continued assessments and treatment for physical problems as well as psychological issues.


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