The Choking Game


I as a mother of a teen would like to make all parents aware of this game a lot of teenagers are playing to “get high.” It is called the “choking game.” Teens are asphyxiating themselves or each other to “get high.” There have been several hundred teens die from this deadly game. They use their own hands, belts, ties, or anything that can go around the neck with pressure applied, depleting the oxygen to the heart and brain. They actually apply enough pressure until the child passes out! Some kids say it makes you forget what happened and feel tingly all over. Some parents have reported long-term disabilities with their children such as strokes and brain damage, as a result of their child playing this game. Some of the signs your child may be playing this game is: unusual markings on the neck, blood shot eyes, and frequent headaches. I think this is very important for all parents to be aware of and also I believe it is important for any emergency room nurse to know these signs if a child would come into the ER as a result of asphyxiation.


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