Innocent Prisoners


I have been doing some research on people that are wrongfully imprisoned. I find this a very interesting topic, as I am sure there were hundreds or maybe even thousands of inmates that were on death row and died before the courts allowed DNA to be presented after a person was convicted. There are an estimated 15-20% of the U.S. inmates that are innocent of the crimes they were convicted of. There have been several cases where the inmate was released from prison after the courts allowed the DNA to be entered after the person was convicted, and was certainly found to be innocent. I just can’t imagine being in prison, possibly serving a life sentence, or even on death row knowing that I was totally innocent. I cannot find a date that the first inmate was released from prison after being found innocent though. I believe that with the DNA database in place now that a lot more cases will be dismissed or they will find the right person responsible for the crime.


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