Reference to article “Forensic Nursing In Prisons”


I find this article very interesting due to the fact that I am a nurse in a correctional setting and it is difficult at times to have a nurturing personality as a nurse and be in an environment that encourages “non caring behaviors.” I constantly have to remind myself of where I am and the inmates are most of the time playing their childish games to see if you respond or to get a “get out of jail free card.” There are a lot of mind games played in a correctional setting. I believe the Forensic Nursing class taught by Dr. Johnson is going to further my assessment skills for inmates that have been victimized or traumatized themselves and to preserve and gather evidence of crime. There has already been several times I have had to gather evidence and preserve it until a detective is able to get back to the jail. The officers and I as the nurse work together with the inmates to ensure consistency among the inmates and security for all levels. There are a lot of times that I may notice something suspicious and report it to the officers and they do the same for me when the officers have found someone hoarding their medication. I would eventually like to begin working with the detective division part time to further my forensic nursing career and not remain inside the jail full time.


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