Clinical nursing diagnoses and forensic nursing diagnoses


Clinical nursing diagnosis and forensic nursing diagnosis will differ as forensic nursing represents nursing practice in direct response to the squeal of criminal and interpersonal violence.
Daily, nurses encounter the results of human behavior extremes like abused children, victims of neglect, self-inflicted injury, firearm injuries and assaults.
In a case of assault the forensic nurse will do both diagnosis. He/she will determine the injury with the use of nursing assessment and come up with both the nursing diagnosis and the forensic nursing diagnosis. While she would be interested in the extent of injury she will also be interested in providing solution to medico-legal related problems.

Health care and the law often become mixed up during critical moments, when patient’s care supersedes the concern for social justice.
Forensic nursing re-introduces the caring principle into the delivery of nursing care while still maintaining the legal rights of the victim.


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