Forensic Nursing Theories


I am taking the Forensic Nursing course taught by Dr. J. Johnson. In reading chapter three of Forensic Nursing by Lynch, it discusses many of the theories that pertain to nursing but more to forensic nursing. The section of the chapter that really got my interest is the section regarding the role of the forensic nurse. I know that the theories are important but I prefer to read about what is really involved in doing the job. Forensic nursing, as we have previously read, not only deals with the deceased but also the living including the victim, and the victim’s family, deceased or alive, the suspect and the perpetrator. The aspect that plays the biggest part in this is the human behavior of each person involved. The beliefs of each individual, whether it is personal, religious, or cultural also plays a part.
Forensic nursing is a science of constant change and redefining their role and themselves as a nurse. For example the forensic nurse of twenty years ago are different from the forensic nurse of today. The forensic of twenty years ago did not have the technology, the information for solving a case that the nurse of today has. The forensic nurse today needs to understand and use the technology they have available to them. The forensic nurse today has many other sources available to them today than did previous nurses. The nurses of the past were the pioneers for the nurses today as are the nurses of today the pioneers for the nurses of tomorrow.
The human behavior aspect of forensic nursing is possibly the part that most nurses are trained to deal with in any aspect of nursing. Every individual, we as nurses come in contact with are going to be different. We are trained to deal with all different people from different walks of life, different beliefs, and different values. This is the aspect that makes nursing so interesting. When reading about the “integrated practice model for forensic nursing science”, this is a model that can apply to all different types of nursing with minor adjustments.
Pertaining to theories in nursing I feel that they are important. I think that the theories are what have advanced nursing to the level it is at presently. Theories have been developed by people who thought that there was a better way of doing things and the theory worked. The theories that we are taught in nursing programs have become a very important part of how we practice nursing. I mentioned before that I am more of an on hands person. But I also believe very strongly in theories and the people from the past and present who develop the theories.


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