Comments about “If I Did It” by O. J. Simpson


This post is about the O.J. Simpson book called “If I Did It.” Some are considering this book, to be a blatant confession. Apparently in this book describes if he did kill Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman how he would have done it. This book does not come out to stores for a few more weeks, however it is already causing uproar with friends, family, and the media. O.J. Simpson is to have am interviews with Fox Television on November 27 and November 29, a two part interview. Regan books is publishing this book, in comments as to they feel this is his actual confession. Still victims’ family members and friends are still mad about the fact that this would even be published. Honestly why would anyone write a book, after they have been accused of murder, write a book and tell society this is how I would of done it. Now I would think that a lot of the book would focus on factors that were of course identified in the courtroom, when he went to trial. O.J. Simpson continue to owe Ron Goldman’s family over 33.5 million dollars from the civil judgment. According to Yale Galanter, O.J. Simpson’s attorney this is his comment: He said there is “only one chapter that deals with their deaths and that chapter, in my understanding, has a disclaimer that it’s complete fiction.” Which was published in today’s news. Announcing this book was a shock to most of society, who has followed the case from 1995, or who are friends, family, or ongoing watchers of the case. The announcement of this book has generated tons of publicity for the lawyer, media, author, just about anyone involved. Some people believe its just his way of confession, and maybe this all will come to an end, and maybe get some relief to those who need it.


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