Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy


The subject of toxoplasmosis infection shines a light on a very important group of patients in nursing pharmacology: pregnant women. Special attention needs to be given to pregnancy/breast feeding status when administering medication. Many medications that are appropriate for the non-pregnant patient may have negative side effects for the pregnant or nursing mother. Even substances such as herbal remedies that are often used without much thought to side effect potential may be harmful for the pregnant mother or the unborn baby. An example is the herbal remedy goldenseal, which is often used for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It may cause uterine stimulation when taken in high doses causing problems for a pregnant patient.

Many medications have not been tested for their efficacy in pregnant women and should be avoided if possible during pregnancy due to potential fetal injury. Many chemotherapeutic agents, some anti-seizure medications and certain antidepressants are known to potentially cause fetal injury and should only be used under the direct recommendation and supervision of the health care provider.

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