Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners


In 1997 forensic nursing was defined as the “application of forensic science combined with the bio psychological education of the registered nurse, in the scientific investigation, evidence collection and preservation, analysis, prevention and treatment of trauma and death related medical legal issues. That definition was expanded in 1998 as follows: “Forensic Nursing is the application of nursing science to public and legal proceedings: the application of forensic aspects of health care combined with the bio-psychological education of the registered nurse in the scientific investigation and treatment of trauma and death of victims and perpetrators of abuse, violence, criminal activity and traumatic accidents”. The SANE Program is especially Forensic nurse examiners that provide evaluation services to victims of sexual violence, sexual assault or abuse when needed. The SANE program offers documentation of any physical findings or injuries, history documentation of the assault, abuse or violence, evaluation and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, crisis intervention and arrangement for follow-up counseling services, medical, legal and social services referrals as needed, collection of medical and legal evidence for possible use by the judicial system, pregnancy risk evaluation and preventive medicines if appropriate. All services provided by the SANE program are free to the victim and their families.

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