Jobenet Ramsey


The death of Jobenet was very controversial. There are lots of reasons why. The first is that the scene, which was the house, was not sealed off as soon as the parents showed the ransom note to the police. Therefore a lot of well wishers were entering and exiting the house all the time.

The house was not checked as the ransom note put the police off and they never stuck to routine procedures.

Due to the fact the scene was not sealed off. There were false remarks made like there were footprints up to the house. There was no snow at the time, therefore no footprints were visible. No forced entry, but there was a window opened at the basement, which no one noticed. The evidence is fast becoming sketchy.

The intruder if there was one, could have easily entered through the basement window, so there would not be any forced entry.

This case was obviously trialed and witnessed by the media, and the important issues of this case were overlooked.

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