The Importance of Forensic Nursing


Forensic Nursing is an important part of society due to in part by today’s violence in society. Forensic nursing is a growing concept and is playing a larger role in trauma related cases. Nurses encounter various levels of abuse in their daily practice from neglect, child abuse and other types of violent assaults.

Nursing requires advance assessment skills to recognize those clues provided by the clients’ statements and physical clues. For example a nurse must establish the proper trust and confidence to provide a therapeutic relationship during the inteview phase of the health history. This is most important in cases where a client has suffered a traumatic event.

The nurse must take into consideration the setting for the inteview. The interview should be conducted in a quiet and private setting for a free exchange of information. The appearance of the nurse must be professional not only in dress but behavior. The dress apparel should be modest, and the demeanor one of interest and warmth.

The way a question is asked can offer more information. It is best to ask open ended questions unless you need to redirect the client. The nurse must be an active listener and pay attention to the information being offered in order to prevent loss of information or miscommunication. Above all a nurse must not judge the client during the interviewing phase.

Avoid making those non verbal cues such as being startled, surprised,or grimacing. A nurse must hone their interviewing skills in order to assist the client convey the infomation needed to fully evaluate the client’s needs.


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