DOVE–Developing Options in Violent Emergencies


As the need to document and catalogue evidence within emergency medicine settings has risen, programs have also arisen in order to train nurses and doctors to manage this crucial aspect of their responsibilities.

Forensic Nursing students and those trained in Forensic Medicine have been familiar with the SANE Initiative and Program for documenting sexual abuse evidence. Now a specific set of skills and procedures has started that documents domestic violence evidence.

This article details how seven nurses have completed training in the National DOVE Program that just completed it’s pilot year in 2005.

According to Deborah Piercy writing for Nursing Spectrum Online,
“The program has expanded to include the Domestic Violence Nurse Examiner program and the Perpetrator Collection Program. The name for the combination of the SANE unit, DVNE unit, and PCP has been changed to the DOVE (Developing Options for Violent Emergencies) Program, and it focuses on care of survivors of interpersonal violence.”

This evolution of Forensic Nursing Curriculums and Training seems a natural progression that is continually required in a society that is becoming increasingly violent.

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