Forensic Alcohol Blood Testing Procedures


For forensic alcohol blood testing to be done, it is imperative to know that process of specimen collection.

A warrant or a signed consent must be obtained for the blood draw procedure. The skin must first be prepped with a non-alcoholic based solution (preferably Betadyne or iodine-prep). The blood must be obtained from the site and transferred into two-blood tubes. Typically, these tubes contain a preservative, EDTA. The tubes must be filled to capacity and gently rotated at least a half a dozen times. The tubes must be labeled and placed into the blood collection kit. The kit should be sealed and given to the police officer in charge of the case.

This procedure must be done consistently with each collection. The more often a forensic nurse performs this procedure, the more comfortable he/she will be. If called to court, the forensic nurse must be able to testify as to the means of collection. It is utterly important that the forensic nurse follow the same procedure each and every time for credibility. In addition, the nurse must be sure that the blood collection is documented appropriately and completely.

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