Recovering Latent Prints


Recovery of latent prints is dependant on multiple factors. The first factor is the surface where the print is suspected to be found. Depending on the surface texture, its condition, the composition of the surface and how clean the surface is will play an important role about whether or not a latent print is discovered.

Secondly, the handling of the item may distort the latent print. Additional ridge prints may be added to the print, smear the print or distort the print to a point that may make the print unreadable. The readability of the print is affected by the condition of the collector’s skin, how much the collector sweats and how much pressure that is applied.

Finally, the conditions present after the print transfer may alter the final product. Heat and rain will deteriorate a latent print. The proper handling of the latent print and the developing with the appropriate medium are important factors to consider for best use of the latent print.

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